Dressing To Impress The Future Of Premium Salad Dressings

Dressing To Impress The Future Of Premium Salad Dressings

As consumer trends evolve into movements, it’s important for restaurants and operators to keep up in order to continue attracting customers.

Salad dressings have started catering to consumer demand for thoughtfully crafted products made with natural ingredients. Not only are premium dressings flavorful, but recent trends show that dressings are creating exciting culinary opportunities beyond salads.

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The salad dressing industry is expansive, valued at about $757 million1. Sales are also growing, with year-over-year growth of 3.1%1. However, it’s important to note that refrigerated dressings showed a YOY growth of 2% more than shelf stable dressings in 20181.

The growth of refrigerated dressings highlights consumer demand for uncomplicated ingredients – namely, the absence of preservatives. In fact, 56% of consumers consider items made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives to be “natural”2.

Plate it with Pure

‘Clean label’ is the response to consumer demand for transparency and authenticity in food products. That’s why Kraft Heinz has created Pure Kraft Dressing, made with simple ingredients, without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup.

Clean labels such as these are the most likely to influence consumer purchases of condiments, sauces, and dressings, with 59% saying they would pay more or would be more likely to buy clean label products3.

Dressing Up Dishes

With more than 1/3 of consumers saying they’d pay more for a “premium” salad4, it’s important to serve up fresh-made taste with premium appeal. For “healthful” options, try grain-based salads using quinoa or couscous. Or use specialty ingredients like kale, brussels sprouts, or even figs which saw an increase of 46% on menu mentions since 20106.

Beyond salads, try integrating dressings into dishes for unique culinary twists. Use Pure® Kraft Dressings on Asian rice bowls, sandwiches or wraps, grilled fish, and other dishes.

Ultimately, consumers don’t need to be convinced – premium appeal is already making waves. Now it’s up to operators and restaurants to stay on-trend and craft meals made with simple, flavorful ingredients that are dressed for success.

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