Foodovation 2022 Post Show Article

Foodovation 2022 Post Show Article


Thank you for joining us for Foodovation 2022. It was inspiring to see all of you engaged with the latest trends and insights. Here is a recap and access to important resources:

In the first part of the event, Kathryn Fenner of Technomic talked about the state of the foodservice industry, and Mike Kostyo of Datassential shared with us the latest food trends. Find the recording of these segments here: Foodovation 2022: Mainstage Session, as well as the slides they shared

In our first breakout room (Foodovation 2022 Breakout 1: Host Food Battle, USA vs. Canada), chefs Tom Heitz (Kraft Heinz Canada) and Joe Barin (Kraft Heinz US) share a few ways to dress up your favorite foods.

In the second breakout room (Foodovation 2022 Breakout 2: Instagram-able Breakfast), Chef Jessica White (Kraft Heinz Ingredients) showcases delicious, and delicious-looking, breakfasts.

Last but not least, the third breakout room (Foodovation 2022 Breakout 3: Kitchen of the Future) was a collaboration between Kraft Heinz and PizzaForno, to demonstrate how expertise and technology can come together in foodservice.

We are already excited about the coming year and how we will put in practice what we learned. We will see you again at Foodovation 2023!

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