How Portion Control Breakfast Foods Are Changing The Game

How Portion Control Breakfast Foods Are Changing The Game

Breakfast at the kitchen table is a thing of the past. Studies show that 2/3rds of purchased breakfasts are eaten off-premise. Nowadays, grabbing a to-go breakfast is one trait millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers all share.

New Game, Same Food

While breakfast may have gone from a sit-down meal to an on-the-fly snack, the go-to foods remain the same.

The top items ordered at breakfast restaurants continue to be breakfast sandwiches and pancakes, followed by toast, which grew in popularity as a menu item by 78% between 2015 and 2018.

Which raises the question: given the demand for to-go breakfast options, how will the foodservice industry serve up delicious — but condiment-heavy — meals on the run?

The Solution: Pre-portioned Condiments

With such high expectations, the only way to meet consumer demands is through pre-portioned condiments.

Pack a stack of pancakes with a cup of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup and a consumer can dig in at their desk, avoiding in-transit spills and the dreaded soggy pancake issue.

Toast with a sachet of Welch’s strawberry jam is easy to nibble sitting in a subway car.

Considering that 12% of consumers eat in transit and 15% eat at school or work, offering diners their choice of Heinz jams and jellies, or Kraft syrup is a strategic way to remain competitive in the ever-changing breakfast market.

Staying Healthy On-the-Go

Trends also show that diners scarfing down a bite on the subway are unwilling to sacrifice health for convenience. 30% of US consumers would willingly pay more for healthier breakfast options, revealing that the need for natural and additive-free spreads is only growing.

With this trend in mind, options like a pre-portioned cup of Madeira Farms Peanut Butter, or a sachet of Sue Bee Clover Honey give consumers nutritionally-rich, and convenient breakfast options.

Dig into Premium Spreads

As everyone looks for healthy alternatives to their favorite breakfast foods, premium spreads deliver the taste they love without the harmful additives.

Simply Heinz contains no high-fructose corn syrup, no GMO ingredients and still has the full-bodied flavor pancake and waffle fans love. Sue Bee Clover Honey is not only delectable, but also fat-free, natural, and full of healthy antioxidants.

Portion Control Condiments: The Way of the Breakfast Future

As more and more people eat the most important meal of the day on their commute, or at their desks, there’s a huge opportunity to meet consumers’ changing needs.

In the future, portion control condiments may be the deciding factor when consumers are considering how to avoid in-transit spills, enjoy healthier options, and enjoy an all-around delicious breakfast.

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