Simply Heinz Ketchup Striking The Ideal Balance Between Wellness And Flavor

Simply Heinz Ketchup Striking The Ideal Balance Between Wellness And Flavor

As we move into the next decade, it’s clear that consumers increasingly make the link between smart dietary decisions and how they can positively impact their well-being. While definitions of “healthy” vary strongly, there are several characteristics that many consumers agree upon. When asked which attributes they most closely associate with “healthy”, 60% of consumers identified “all natural”, while 27% identified “non-GMO”1.

Operators appear to be in-sync with consumers as “all natural” resonates just as much with them. They’ve seen an increase in their customers’ awareness and knowledge of healthy foods, including more requests for allergen-free options and modifications that reduce carbohydrates. Providing healthy options is among the top considerations for operators when creating or updating a menu.

When it comes to condiments, while “healthy” attributes are increasingly important, flavor remains the most important purchase driver for consumers. Thankfully, Simply Heinz Ketchup checks both boxes by offering the healthy ingredients consumers are looking for – without sacrificing the bold, satisfying taste they crave.

Is the “healthy choice” the obvious one?

Condiment and dip brands are working to appeal to the wellness-minded consumer without losing the perceived taste and flavor they prioritize2.”

Despite growing interest in healthy foods, many consumers are struggling to find the right balance. Though surveys indicate that “natural ingredients” motivate consumers to pay more for a brand/product, sensory attributes like “taste and flavor” are still most influential in the purchase decision. In fact, 49% of consumers report purchasing a mix of both conventional products and natural products when shopping for food and beverage3.

As the condiment category continues to explore a better-for-you positioning, convincing consumers to switch has proven difficult. However, brands like Simply Heinz have found success by linking natural ingredients with better taste.

‘Simply’ give consumers the best of both worlds.

Whether dunking fries or topping a burger, Simply Heinz Ketchup provides consumers a better-for-you option with 100% of the Heinz taste that they’ve come to love and expect. Simply Heinz Ketchup is made from natural ingredients including red ripe tomatoes, sugar, salt and a special blend of spices and flavoring with no GMO ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. 37% of consumers consider ‘no high-fructose corn syrup’ as a top 5 attribute in defining ‘healthy food’ which makes it a key differentiator1.

To deliver the better-for-you attributes thoughtful consumers want without sacrificing the flavor they demand, add Simply Heinz Ketchup to your assortment today.

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