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Support for Takeout and Delivery


Support for Take-Out and Delivery from Your Friends at Kraft Heinz

Be smart and stay safe.

Here are some tips to limit exposure.

PC Movement – Still stocking portion control packets and cups front-of-house with utensils and other essentials? Move those to back-of-house for employees to pack directly into takeout bags.

Social Distancing (or Physical Distancing) is imperative at this time – if you’re experiencing lines for pick-up, encourage patrons to stand 6 feet apart by taping markers on flooring to help limit exposure to those entering your operation.

Require that takeout be ordered & paid online – Handling all transactions online promotes social distancing and protects both your customers and employees from handling cash.

Provide curbside pickup – Use your servers and other front-of-house employees to facilitate your takeout service. Require that employees wear gloves to deliver food to cars, helping to engender confidence of proper food handling among your


Take-Out/Delivery Models – Tips and Tricks

While all delivery/pick-up models are important during this time, mobile order for pickup is the most profitable channel.

Rakuten Ready, “Time is Money: How Order for Pickup Delivers ROI”, 2020

Use staff for delivery: Before repurposing your FOH staff for delivery, check with your insurance carrier to ensure that you’re covered for off-premise activity. If you’re properly insured for delivery, you can keep your servers, bartenders and other FOH staff working during this uncertain time.

Work with delivery services that are waiving delivery fees or offering discounts: If you’re not insured for staff delivery, make sure that you work with third-party delivery services that are temporarily waiving or disscounting commissions or other fees.

What should you do if you aren’t currently set-up on third-party or mobile ordering? Advertise pick-up capabilities on your social media accounts (Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) by listing a phone number that is open to over-the-phone ordering.

Trim menu offerings in the short term: Reduce your menu items to focus on high margin/low labor options. Limit your menu to items that are easily replicated, travel well and can be made with multi-purpose foods.

Add family-style meal kits to delivery and takeout menu: These kits make it easy on customers to put together an already prepped meal. This works especially well with such items as pasta and freshly made sauce or other meals that customers can buy for the week and freeze.

Create ways to grow the ticket - utilize add-on features that encourage customers to look to tomorrow. For those customers ordering pizza for dinner, suggest add-ons like pasta, which keeps well and makes for a great lunch while working from home!

Traffic Driving Ideas & Communication Solutions

First and foremost, communication is key. Let your customers know about the protective measures you’re taking to keep them and your employees safe during this time.

Offers and Activation Ideas:

Promotions for essential workers People who work in the medical field, grocery store employees, truck drivers, etc. are risking their health to provide critical services during this time. Show them you appreciate them by offering discounts on pick-up or delivery!

Offer coupons for dine-in service: Encourage customers to come back for dine-in service when the restaurant industry comes roaring back by including coupons with every takeout and delivery order.

Gift card purchases Not all customers will be comfortable ordering out right now, use this time to promote gift card purchases by offering discounts. Example, purchase a $50 giftcard for $40 and save some money for future purchases!

Promote contact-less delivery and pick-up!

How can we help in Foodservice?

Kraft Heinz has a full suite of portion control products that let consumers dip, spread, or mix on the go.
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