USDA Commodity Program

USDA Commodity Program

Why Heinz?

No one grows Ketchup or tomatoes like Heinz. We have been producing Ketchup with our own tomatoes grown from our seeds for more than 150 years.

Did we mention we have had some of the same famers since Heinz started in 1857?

Our USDA products meet the highest standards by using only vine-ripened tomatoes guaranteeing familiar and delicious flavors and the Heinz quality you can trust. These sauces and condiments are sure to make any recipe taste better and have students excited for meal time.

Kraft Heinz has more than 50 approved products to commodity process, including ketchup, barbecue, and tomato based products available through USDA Commodity Processing Material #100332 Tomato Paste Totes. Offering these varieties allow districts many “Pass Through Value” (PTV) methods.

Kraft Heinz offers many tomato products that are creditable as Red/Orange Vegetables and also offer No Salt Added Products for the following programs1:

Once diversion requirements are determined, school districts commit to the amount of tomato paste needed for the school year, prior to cooperative, state and USDA deadlines. Always contact your state office for the most reliable and up-to-date information on this process.

Each year your district will need to estimate the total Tomato Paste diversion needs by product. Kraft Heinz offers our Kraft Heinz SY 21-22 Commodity Processing Calculator and the Kraft Heinz SEPDS to help in this process. These are both downloadable below.

We are here to help walk you though this process.

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