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Heinz Ketchup Creative Recipe Card

“A third of consumers are more willing to try a flavor they are unfamiliar with when paired with a dish they know and love”
“Taste and flavor dominate consumer attribute importance. While other B4U attributes and price are important, consumers will likely always prioritize taste”

Custom Datassential Survey Research | July 2019

Simply add these ingredients to Heinz Ketchup to create your own custom sauce creations

Hickory Honey Mesquite BBQ Seasoning Brown Suga A signature BBQ Sauce-like topping that pairs well with chicken tenders or onion rings
Spicy Mexican Tapatio Hot Sauce Add a spicy kick with Tapatio’s well-balanced blend of red chiles, garlic, and spices
Sriracha Lime Lime Juice Sriracha A bold flavor best fit as a burger topping or tater tot dip
Truffle Black Truffle Oil Ideal as a dip, this is an earthy, upscale twist to everyday ketchup
English Pub Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Savory umami notes balanced with the sweetness of Heinz ketchup
Balsamic Garlic Balsamic Vinegar Garlic Powder A unique, upscale dip for fries
Jalapeño Jalapeños Deseeded & Diced Best paired with a Southwestern-style dish or black bean burger
Teriyaki Ketchup Teriyaki Sauce Garlic Traditional teriyaki flavor with a tomato base
Curry Curry Powder Lime Juice Indian spices with some citrus – a creative way to spice up a sandwich
Garlic Dry Pan Roasted Garlic Olive Oil A very versatile sauce to pair with sweet potato fries, onion rings, and more
Cocktail Sauce Horseradish Sauce A simple and creamy cocktail sauce
Country Grill Instant Espresso Light Brown Sugar Coffee lends an earthy char flavor making it an ideal pairing with a good steak or burger

Diversify America’s Most Consumed Condiment with Trending Flavors

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