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About Us

Kraft Heinz Away From Home

Kraft Heinz Away From Home (AFH) is the foodservice division of the Kraft Heinz Company. At AFH we stand by our mission to grow with taste, flavor, and experience wherever people eat. We aim to be trusted partners, supporting large and small businesses across the US in their pursuit to provide patrons with the brands and products they love. Our purpose is providing bulk food, beverage, and wholesale restaurant supplies to those who depend on the consistency, quality and reliability that is synonymous with the Kraft Heinz name. Away From Home brings our core company values of daring to do better every day, and a consumer-focused model to both our business and yours. Our unmatched brand diversity and commitment to quality and flavor enable us to meet needs and exceed expectations. Long-standing relationships with our food distribution partners and impressive portfolio of 100+ brands allow us to meet business needs all across the country, while our dedication to understanding culinary trends, research into host foods, and commitment to understanding the restaurant and food service industry landscape make us the perfect partner for your business that is so much more than just foodservice. 

It All Starts With You!

We believe that culinary trends begin in restaurants. At Kraft Heinz Away From Home, we have four renowned chefs dedicated to demonstrating how our products can elevate your kitchen innovations. With a focus on host foods such as sandwiches, burgers, and chicken, our incredible chefs are adept at maximizing the potential benefits the addition of our products can provide. Their expertise can be viewed on our culinary page along with inspiring content that includes our unique recipes, flavor guides, and industry insights. Our website product page is designed for seamless access to information that will help you gain knowledge and place orders for our extensive range of products. This functionality works alongside our equipment page which helps you find the best restaurant supplies and devices compatible with your Kraft Heinz products. Explore our many bulk and wholesale restaurant supplies including our groundbreaking Heinz Automatic Dispenser and Heinz Double Dispensers, among other pieces of useful food service equipment and supplies. 

Your Consumers Love Kraft Heinz

We have the brands your customers love! Our iconic brands including Heinz, Kraft, and Philadelphia carry the brand value that draws consumers to your establishment, while the quality of their products keep them coming back. Heinz ketchup turns a great burger into a remarkable one, while the great taste of Philadelphia perfectly complements your bagels with the cream cheese your customers love. Like many of the brands we carry, both are best-selling, consumer favorites that you can always depend on for quality and consistency. Overall, our wide portfolio of products and resources aim to support your business endeavors. We are excited by your interest in becoming a Kraft Heinz partner, and we hope to help you continue to delight and satisfy consumers any time they are away from home.